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A Bit of Info From Allied Cycle Works

Words by Roadi

on 16/03/2019 20:58:58

Below is a short piece posted from Allied Cycle Works Newsletter (14 March, 2019).

We love what they are doing over at Allied and are excited to be offering these amazing bikes as framesets for custom builds here in the UK.

Blaze Your Own Trail


A person has thousands of choices when buying a bicycle, and most people end up settling for middle of the road.  Average.  It’s in the budget, or it’s what everyone else is on at the group ride.
But you could do it different.

You could choose a purpose built bicycle handcrafted in the United States, born after you order it, and painted how you want it.  A bike that stands out, not because of its loud logo’s or mainstream brand, but because it’s unique in almost all aspects of its being.  A bike of unparalleled performance, coupled with a story of soul and character.  Uncommon and unconventional. 
Take the road less travelled and #blazeyourowntrail

Being able to see an Allied in the ‘flesh’ is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. The first time I walked into a showroom and saw one, my eye was automatically drawn to it. Not because of anything else but the refined lines and elegance it portrayed. Almost like a piece of art. (but I think bike frames are pieces of art anyway, but that's another discussion)The way the light played off of the frames curves and how the precision cut cable guides complimented the feel of the frame all help create its picture. I took a good while walking around it and appreciated the small attention to details that gave the bike such a clean look. Lifting the bike off of the stand I was pleasantly surprised at how light it was, not scary light but enough to make you raise an eyebrow and look up to see if anyone around you could ‘feel’ how light it was too. In your hands the bike feels balanced and well proportioned...

But you can never really appreciate a piece of art in all its fullness unless you stand in front of it yourself. Experience the personality it brings to a room.

Its the same with an Allied. You’ve got to see it for yourself to understand its personality and refined qualities. My words in the end will just be words.

If you want to stand out and “Take the road less travelled and #blazeyourowntrail” you wouldn’t be disappointed aboard an Allied.