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What Exactly is MIPS in a Helmet? And Why Does it Matter..

Words by Roadi

on 03/06/2019 23:34:05


Helmets have come a long way since cyclists first started wearing them. You can now get helmets for virtually every discipline of cycling and each one has an array of features that are best suited in style, aesthetics, comfort and practicality… and most of all safety and protection. Helmets for Mountain Biking, commuting, downhill, road racing aero and road racing climbing etc etc.

Below is an old style cycling helmet.

Image credit (

Today there is a lot of talk about MIPS and extra safety in a helmet. So what exactly is MIPS? MIPS stands for the acronym ‘Multi-Directional-Impact-Protection-System. The idea of the technology is that it is fitted inside the helmet and is designed to reduce the rotational forces that can take place as the result of certain impacts on the helmet. So when the helmet is subject to an impact from the side it allows the inner MIPS layer to slide past the outer layer of the helmet which transfers the forces and aids rotational injuries that can impact the brain.

The below images (from will give you an idea of how the technology works. The head head is able to move independently within the helmet shell as it absorbs the impact.

Essentially MIPS assists in combating rotational forces that occur during an i pact of the head during an accident or crash. The below video from GIRO gives you a quick idea of these forces and mechanics…

Here is a video that shows you a little more about MIPS in action. The video is technical etc but if you’re into that kind of stuff its insightful.

You can also get more of your questions answered by looking at the FAQ section of the MIPS tech website by following this link HERE

Another good little watch is the GCN – Behind the Scenes video at the Bell Test Labs. You can watch it by following this link HERE or watch it below.

Although this is a very quick overview – did a great article entitled; All You Need To Know About MIPS.” You can access that article by clicking this link.