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Gravity Cycles Custom Builds

Your Bike. Reflecting Your Personality. Your Way.
Custom Builds with Gravity Cycles

Other than servicing and repairs the heart of what we do here at Gravity Cycles is Custom Builds. You won’t find an off-the-shelf bike here and if you do see one that is all ready to ride, it is probably a custom build.

What in our eyes is a custom build? It’s what YOU want to ride when it rolls out our doors!


1. Choose a frame from our website. If you cant find what you're looking for, let us know and we will do the best we can to help.
2. Drop us an email or a phone call so we can talk through what your dream bike looks like!
3. If you have specifics or you need some guidance we will put together some options from what you have shared with us.
4. You make a final call on the overall package.
5. We build your bike just the way you want it.

We are also very excited to be able to offer our custom builds on the ride-to-work scheme; the Green Commute Initiative! You can find out more about how you can get your new bike on this scheme by following this link here:

Your Bike. Reflecting Your Personality. Your Way.

Not every bike that comes off a showroom floor is right for a rider. Whether that be colour, setup, finishing kit, wheels or whatever. In an era where so much can be tailored to suit your requirements or desire, we believe that having a bike, just the way you like it, is no less of an important thing.

You’ve seen a bike, or you have seen a number of parts or a frame that catches your eye and, in your head, you have the idea of the perfect bike for you.

It’s putting it all together that’s our speciality.

Sourcing a frame or suggesting one of our beautiful options.
Helping choose a groupset that compliments the frame and your riding style.
Building you custom wheels from a beautiful set of hubs and rims or matching a set of climbing or aero wheels to your bike.

Completing it all with the most meticulous attention to detail with a finishing kit that rounds off the bikes character.

                             So why not get in touch and let us help you realise…

… Your Bike. Reflecting Your Personality. Your Way.

A few of the brands that we are working closely alongside.

Allied Cycle Works and the Alfa Series - Custom Built


Argon 18 - Custom Built

We are also super pleased to be able to offer the range of Argon 18 frames for custom builds. Argon offer an exciting range of framesets to choose from ensuiring that there is the perferct ride to suit everyone. 

 Dark Matter Argon 18e-117

For those looking for a road bike the options from Argon are as follows...

In the RACE category there are 3 ranges to choose from:

Pro Performance

  • Gallium Pro
  • Gallium Pro Disc

High Performance

  • Gallium
  • Gallium Disc


  • Gallium CS

In the MODERN category there is the Nitrogen Disc

In the ENDURANCE category

  • Krypton GF
  • Krypton CS

In the ALL ROAD category there is the new Dark Matter

For those looking for a Triathlon bike the options from Argon are as...

  • E-119 TRI+
  • E-119 TRI
  • E-117 TRI

...and for those looking for an out-and-out TT bike, 

  • E-118 NEXT

Santa Cruz - Custom Built

Genesis Road and Mountain Bikes - Custom Built


You can view some of our Custom Builds over here.


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